A Humble Night Out

John Graham and Thomas Glenn from Humble Bundle paid Coffee Stain Studios a visit here in Skövde, just after the Gamescom 2015. They have invited most of the indie community here in town for a night out which inadvertently ended up in our home because everything is closed around here, on Wednesday, after 23.00. I am very happy that I had the chance to meet them because they are really cool people it is pretty obvious they do an awesome job.

DSC_5847_2048 DSC_5844_2048 DSC_5841_2048 DSC_5834_2048 DSC_5830_2048 DSC_5828_2048 DSC_5821_2048 DSC_5815_2048 DSC_5811_2048 DSC_5810_2048 DSC_5808_2048 DSC_5806_2048 DSC_5803_2048 DSC_5802_2048 DSC_5801_2048 DSC_5799_2048 DSC_5795_2048 DSC_5794_2048 DSC_5846_full_res

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